Grants in Renewables & Sustainability

Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Manufacturing Translation Stream

$1 million - $20 million

The Manufacturing Translation Stream provides businesses with funding to support projects that translate high quality research into commercial outcomes and support businesses to scale-up and be more competitive and resilient. It provides co-funding to support businesses to adopt new technologies and improve their manufacturing processes to boost productivity and competitiveness.

Breakthrough Victoria Fund – Catalyst for Change Stream

up to $10 million

The Breakthrough Victoria Fund - Catalyst for Change investment stream addresses the funding gap between a minimum viable product and meeting market need. It invests in commercial entities that have demonstrated some early market traction and have tested market need and alignment.

Breakthrough Victoria Fund – Creating the Pipeline Stream

$500,000 - $2 million

The Breakthrough Victoria Fund - Creating the Pipeline investment stream will invest in businesses or entities with early-stage ideas for the development of prototypes, proof-of-concept trials, market validation and creation of minimum viable products. It will help bridge the critical funding and knowledge gaps between ideas and their commercialisation.

Low Emissions Technology Commercialisation Fund

$1 billion current total funding

The $1 billion funding aims to invest in emerging low-emissions technology in order to fully decarbonise the Australian economy and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Activating a Regional Hydrogen Industry – Clean Hydrogen Industrial Hubs: Hub Implementation

$30 million - $70 million

This program aims to support the establishment of hydrogen hubs in regional Australia, and support the growth of the clean hydrogen industry.

Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Manufacturing Integration Stream

$1 million - $20 million

The $1.5B Modern Manufacturing Initiative is an opportunity for Australian manufacturing businesses to receive funding up to $20 million.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

$100,000-$1 million

The $50 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is an opportunity for SME manufacturing businesses to receive funding up to $1 million.

Sustainability VIC – Materials (paper/cardboard, plastic & glass) grants

$3 million-$8 million

Depending on the material that is being recycled, i.e. paper/cardboard, plastics or glass, funding may be anywhere from $3M-$8M per project.

Sustainability VIC – Hazardous waste (solvents) grant

Up to $6 million.

Sustainability Victoria has launched funding for Victorian infrastructure projects that can help improve solvent recycling from hazardous waste.

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