Grants in Renewables & Sustainability

WA Clean Energy Future Fund

$100,000 - $4million

The Clean Energy Future Fund offers financial support to corporations for clean energy ventures in Western Australia. It aims to back innovative projects that yield substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and deliver community benefits or promote widespread adoption of clean energy technologies.

Industry Growth Program: Commercialisation and Growth

$100,000 - $5million

Commercialisation and Growth grants target innovative projects in the prototyping to market-readiness stages. Activities involve devising market entry strategies, speeding up growth, and expanding into national and international markets.

Industry Growth Program: Early-Stage Commercialisation

$50,000 - $250,000

Early-stage commercialisation projects encompass the entire process, starting from feasibility studies and proof-of-concept development, all the way to producing and testing early prototypes in simulated or theoretical settings. The grants support projects and business activities aimed at validating the commercial potential of your innovative products, processes, or services.

Solar Sunshot


The Solar Sunshot program aims to assist innovative manufacturing facilities in Australia operating within the solar PV supply chain. This includes polysilicon, ingot, wafer, solar PV cell, and solar module assembly production.

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund

Tier 1 up to $100,000; Tier 2 up to $200,000

The Ignite Ideas Fund offers funding for commercialising highly innovative products or services, at or beyond the minimum viable product stage. This fund serves as a companion program to the Advance Queensland Ignite Spark Program, which supports projects in advancing highly innovative products or services from prototype development through testing and validation to market readiness.

WA Lower Carbon Grants Program – Gorgon Fund

$5 million - $15 million

The Lower Carbon Grants (LCG) Program - Gorgon Fund will support green energy and greentech projects in Western Australia, contributing to a sustainable low carbon future. LCG will fund significant research and innovation activities across industries, technology platforms, and regions that promote practical and effective solutions for decarbonisation.

NSW Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative – Renewable Manufacturing

$5 million - $50 million

The Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative, integral to the NSW Government's aim for net zero emissions by 2050, combines three programs: - Clean Technology Innovation (CTI) for developing low-emission technologies - Low Carbon Product Manufacturing (LCPM) to support local production of essential low-carbon goods - Renewable Manufacturing (RM) to boost local production of renewable energy components. The objectives of the RM fund aim to: - stimulate economic growth throughout NSW - enhance the capacity and expertise of the state's renewable energy supply chain - mitigate supply chain risks while ensuring stability for the NSW renewable energy sector.

NSW MVP Ventures Program

$25,000 - $200,000

NSW MVP Ventures Program is committed to supporting startups and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the product lifecycle, bridging the gap between early-stage research and mature investment opportunities. The program offers grants designed to accelerate the commercialisation of highly innovative products or processes. The Program aims to: support businesses in increasing the commercialisation of innovative products and processes in NSW, and attract and retain commercialisation activities within the state.

Australia–UK Renewable Hydrogen Innovation Partnerships

$10,000 - $2 million

The Australia-UK Renewable Hydrogen Innovation Partnerships is a 3-year program, spanning from 2023-24 to 2025-26, emblematic of the Australian Government's commitment to global collaboration in clean energy and technology. Aligned with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, this initiative underscores Australia's dedication to meeting international climate obligations. Announced on 31 July 2023, this program is a pivotal element of the joint funding call with the United Kingdom (UK), complemented by the UK Government's (Innovate UK) Australia-UK Renewable Hydrogen Innovation Competition. In line with the Government's Strategic International Partnerships measure, the program provides Australian companies with funding support of up to $10 million for hydrogen research, development, and demonstration projects conducted in collaboration with UK companies. Projects must align with the objectives outlined in both the Australian Government’s National Hydrogen Strategy and the State of Hydrogen 2022 report. This includes the production of renewable hydrogen and derivatives, and the use of hydrogen in hard-to-abate industries, such as iron and steelmaking, chemicals and heavy transport sectors.

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