Grants in Major infrastructure & construction

Urban Precincts and Partnerships Program (uPPP)

$500,000 - $50 million

The Urban Precincts and Partnerships Program (uPPP) was announced in the 2023-24 budget and will launch in 2024-25. The Australian Government has allocated $150 million ($120 million estimated to be available) over three years across two streams: Precinct Development and Planning, and Precinct Delivery. The program aims to develop urban precincts in capital cities, creating more liveable suburbs and improved cities to better serve local communities. The initiative supports urban growth, enhancing community resilience and complementing existing areas, activities, and transport.

NT Priority Sector Collaborative Grants

Up to $1 million.

The Priority Sector Collaborative Grants provide funding to Northern Territory business groups to develop common-use infrastructure, services, or data. These grants may offer up to 50% matched funding to consortia of three or more businesses to advance sector-wide initiatives that enhance local industry capability, innovation, and business development in priority sectors.

Growing Regions Program

$500,000 - $15 million

The programme aims to improve the quality of life in regional Australia, revitalise regions, and bring about both economic and community advantages through investing in community-focused infrastructure.

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund

Tier 1 up to $100,000; Tier 2 up to $200,000

The Ignite Ideas Fund offers funding for commercialising highly innovative products or services, at or beyond the minimum viable product stage. This fund serves as a companion program to the Advance Queensland Ignite Spark Program, which supports projects in advancing highly innovative products or services from prototype development through testing and validation to market readiness.

QLD Building Bush Tourism Fund

$50,000 - $200,000

The Building Bush Tourism Fund is structured to provide financial assistance for the development of new and improved tourism-related infrastructure. It extends to improving the amenity and accessibility of social, community, and tourism infrastructure or experiences. The primary objective is to attract and increase both regional participation and visitors to the region.

Industry Growth Program

$50,000 - $5 million

The Industry Growth Program offers support to innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in commercialisation and/or growth projects within the priority areas of the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF). This program comprises Advisory Services and opportunities for matched grant funding. Businesses that have received Advisory Services through the program are eligible to apply for matched grant funding to enhance their projects.

Aged Care Capital Assistance Program (ACCAP)

This grant is up to $135 million

The Aged Care Capital Assistance Program (ACCAP) offers grants for aged care infrastructure, with the goal of sustaining or enhancing access to high-quality aged care services in areas with limited market presence. This includes individuals: - from First Nations communities - residing in regional, rural, and remote locations - experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness - having other complex and diverse needs, including dementia This grant opportunity aims to provide funding for infrastructure projects through four funding streams, primarily focusing on enhancing access to quality aged care services in small rural towns and remote or very remote communities. Additionally, it seeks to support specific demographics of older Australians, such as those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and individuals from First Nations communities.

Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program

$5000 - $3 million

The Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program Round 10 offers funding for the enhancement of aerodromes situated in remote regions of Australia. Its primary objective is to ensure year-round, all-weather accessibility and enhance the delivery of essential goods and services, particularly in areas where road access is either absent or unreliable.

NT Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund

$25,000 - $500,000

The Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem (AME) Fund's primary objective is to enhance advanced manufacturing capabilities, stimulate investment and productivity in the Northern Territory's advanced manufacturing sector, and bolster the number of advanced manufacturing jobs within the region. This funding opportunity is specifically tailored to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises seeking to advance their capabilities in the Northern Territory. Eligible businesses can access funding support of up to 50 percent of their project costs, with grant amounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000.

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