R&D Resources

Here you can find resources to help you develop and collate your Research and Development Tax Incentive plans.

General R&D

R&D Portal Guide

Find out how to carry out the necessary steps to provide us with access to the portal for your ongoing R&DTI submissions

Avant Group Template Kit

Avant Group engaged clients are offered complementary access to our specialised R&D Template Kit. For businesses wanting to purchase a copy, please email us below.

Frascati Manual

The Frascati Manual is the official OECD guideline for collecting and reporting data on research and experimental development. This is a globally recognised method for managing research projects and defines the scientific methodology.

Sector Guides


The Agrifood industry is a highly integrated value chain spanning the full range of food and beverage related enterprises operating from ‘paddock to plate’. Agrifood also has significant overlaps with other innovative sectors, such as biotechnology and information and communications technology (ICT).


Biotechnology includes the subsectors of life sciences, industrial processing, agricultural and environment.

Built Environment

The built environment is the material, spatial and cultural product of human labour and imagination.


The energy sector covers generation, distribution, storage, transport and emerging technologies.


The manufacturing sector produces everything from FMCG to aerospace components.

Software Development

Software development is critical and impacts all sectors of our economy.

Further Resources

Taxpayer Alerts

The R&D Tax Incentive is administered by us and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We share information about registrations and claims to ensure program compliance.

Research Service Providers

Research Service Providers (RSPs) are registered by the department. They provide scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform research and development on behalf of other companies.