Grants in Agriculture & Viticulture

Industry Growth Program: Commercialisation and Growth

$100,000 - $5million

Commercialisation and Growth grants target innovative projects in the prototyping to market-readiness stages. Activities involve devising market entry strategies, speeding up growth, and expanding into national and international markets.

Industry Growth Program: Early-Stage Commercialisation

$50,000 - $250,000

Early-stage commercialisation projects encompass the entire process, starting from feasibility studies and proof-of-concept development, all the way to producing and testing early prototypes in simulated or theoretical settings. The grants support projects and business activities aimed at validating the commercial potential of your innovative products, processes, or services.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants

$10,000- $100,000

The Australian Government is calling for organizations to apply through an open competitive process for projects under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program - Small Grants Round 1. These small grants support grassroots and community-level projects aimed at assisting farmers and landholders in adopting sustainable agriculture practices and implementing practice changes. They enhance natural resource management, improve on-farm productivity, and build resilience to climate change. The grants include various projects and initiatives, facilitating information dissemination, extension activities, and the expansion of local initiatives. Both new and established climate-smart, sustainable agricultural practices are eligible for funding.

VIC Distillery Support – Hazardous Areas and Dangerous Goods Rebate


The Distillery Support – Hazardous Areas and Dangerous Goods Rebate Program is dedicated to enhancing skills, fostering tourism opportunities, expanding businesses through infrastructure and safety investments, and facilitating the development and growth of exports. This initiative aims to support employment and create economic opportunities across Victoria in a professional and strategic manner. The Rebate program aims to support distillers of alcoholic beverages in enhancing safety within their distilleries by facilitating investments in essential equipment and infrastructure.

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund

Tier 1 up to $100,000; Tier 2 up to $200,000

The Ignite Ideas Fund offers funding for commercialising highly innovative products or services, at or beyond the minimum viable product stage. This fund serves as a companion program to the Advance Queensland Ignite Spark Program, which supports projects in advancing highly innovative products or services from prototype development through testing and validation to market readiness.

Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

The assistance provided is determined by calculating the variance between the freight expenses incurred for sea transportation and the hypothetical costs for moving the goods by road over an equivalent distance.

The Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme offers financial aid to both businesses and individuals, helping offset the expenses associated with transporting goods via sea routes. It specifically targets eligible non-bulk goods, aiming to level the playing field for Tasmanian industries. Given the geographical constraints that limit interstate transportation options to road or rail, this scheme ensures Tasmanian shippers can compete on par with counterparts in other markets.

Traceability Grants Program

Up to $500,000

The Traceability Grants Program (TGP), an integral part of the Modernising Agricultural Trade – Protecting Australia’s Clean, Green Brand initiative. Traceability refers to the ability to track product movement through stages of production, processing, and distribution (ISO 2007). Australia's agricultural traceability systems include government regulations as well as industry arrangements for tracking and tracing agricultural commodities and products. Agricultural traceability plays a critical and fundamental role in emergency response and Australia's economy and prosperity. In recognition of this, the Australian Government has jointly co-designed the National Agricultural Traceability Strategy 2023-2033 (the strategy) with industry, state and territory governments, and other interested stakeholders to guide research, as well as government and industry investment in order to improve existing strong systems, increase efficiency, and deliver farmers benefits.

NSW MVP Ventures Program

$25,000 - $200,000

NSW MVP Ventures Program is committed to supporting startups and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the product lifecycle, bridging the gap between early-stage research and mature investment opportunities. The program offers grants designed to accelerate the commercialisation of highly innovative products or processes. The Program aims to: support businesses in increasing the commercialisation of innovative products and processes in NSW, and attract and retain commercialisation activities within the state.

Industry Growth Program

$50,000 - $5 million

The Industry Growth Program offers support to innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in commercialisation and/or growth projects within the priority areas of the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF). This program comprises Advisory Services and opportunities for matched grant funding. Businesses that have received Advisory Services through the program are eligible to apply for matched grant funding to enhance their projects.

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