Grants in Not-for-profit sector

Urban Precincts and Partnerships Program (uPPP)

$500,000 - $50 million

The Urban Precincts and Partnerships Program (uPPP) was announced in the 2023-24 budget and will launch in 2024-25. The Australian Government has allocated $150 million ($120 million estimated to be available) over three years across two streams: Precinct Development and Planning, and Precinct Delivery. The program aims to develop urban precincts in capital cities, creating more liveable suburbs and improved cities to better serve local communities. The initiative supports urban growth, enhancing community resilience and complementing existing areas, activities, and transport.

VIC Regional Tourism Investment Fund 2024

Three grant streams with different funding amounts.

The Regional Tourism Investment Fund (RTIF) 2024 supports new and innovative tourism infrastructure projects in regional and rural Victoria. The aim is to increase year-round visitation, enhance the quality of experiences, and extend visitors' length of stay.

Live Music Australia

a total of $20 million over four years for the Live Music Australia program

The Live Music Australia program offers a competitive grants opportunity for live music venues, festivals, and organisations dedicated to supporting quality original Australian live music. Live Music Australia is committed to enhancing the live music scene in Australian communities and will fund applications that support high quality original Australian live music that is professionally staged. The Australian Government's National Cultural Policy Revive acknowledges the significance of the live music sector and is committed to providing support for the music industry. Music Australia has been established within Creative Australia to provide support and promote the Australian contemporary music industry to enhance discoverability and cultivate markets and expand audiences. Through strategic investment, the aim to stimulate a vibrant and sustainable music industry ecosystem in which artists can thrive.

Urban Rivers and Catchments Program 2023

$150,000 - $10 million

The Urban Rivers and Catchments Program aims to restore the health of urban, outer urban/peri-urban, and regional centre waterways, benefiting native flora, fauna, and local communities. Aligned with the government's Nature Positive agenda, this program will help ensure that Australia meets international obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity and other relevant environmental treaties.

VIC Portland Diversification Fund

Up to $500,000

The Portland Diversification Fund Program offers professional financial assistance from the Victorian Government to businesses aiming to develop and/or expand operations that enhance the diversification of existing supply chains in Portland and the Glenelg Shire. The Portland Diversification Fund aims to diversify the economic base of the Glenelg Shire by attracting new investment and supporting businesses to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Consequently, the fund could be utilised to conduct feasibility studies and business cases, enabling the development of capital projects and facilitating access to capital works funding through alternative avenues.

QLD Reef Coastal Restoration Program

Up to $2 million

The Reef Coastal Restoration Program (the program) aims to restore and rehabilitate Great Barrier Reef (the Reef) coastal habitats and ecosystems, particularly those classified as blue carbon systems. Through the implementation of various projects, the program will actively contribute to the achievement of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan (Reef 2050 plan) and Reef Trust Outcomes. The program aims to achieve the following objectives, rehabilitate and restore degraded or previously destroyed Reef coastal habitats/ecosystems through the implementation of on-ground ecosystem rehabilitation and restoration activities. The Reef 2050 Plan seeks to establish a future in which the reef is in improved condition and remains sustainable for future generations to come.

Live Music Australia Program

$5,000 - $100,000

About Round 7 of the Program: Round 7 will once again place a strong emphasis on live music festivals, aligning with industry demand and continuing to support the sustainability of the live music sector. The goal is to promote the presentation of more original live music, providing opportunities for artists to showcase their talent. Live Music Australia fully embraces the five pillars that shape Revive, which include First Nations First, A Place for Every Story, Centrality of the Artist, Strong Cultural Infrastructure, and Engaging the Audience. By addressing these pillars, we are committed to creating an inclusive and thriving live music community. The program has three main objectives. Firstly, we aim to support a sustainable venue-based live music industry by enhancing professional capacity within venues and fostering the growth of audiences. Secondly, we strive to promote partnerships, collaboration, and networks across the Australian live music industry. Lastly, we are dedicated to supporting the development, growth, and innovation of Australian contemporary live music by providing increased performance opportunities for original contemporary music by Australian artists.

National Road Safety Action Grants Program

$20,000 - $1.5 million

Australia has committed to achieving the goal of zero road fatalities and severe injuries by 2050, commonly known as Vision Zero. The National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 is dedicated to the Safe System approach, aiming to enhance all facets of our road transport system through advancements under three key themes: Safe Roads, Safe Vehicles, and Safe Road Use. The National Road Safety Action Grants Program (NRSAGP) plays a pivotal role in this endeavour. $37.6 million has been assigned for allocation to projects or activities through this Program. It provides non-infrastructure grants to facilitate the Australian Government's implementation of the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-25 priorities across five key focus areas: 1. Community Education and Awareness, which encompasses workplace road safety 2. Vulnerable Road Users 3. First Nations road safety 4. Technology and Innovation 5. Research and Data

Powering the Regions – Critical Inputs to Clean Energy Industries – CLAAS

$1 million - $100 million

The Powering the Regions Fund (PRF) is committed to advancing the growth of emerging clean energy sectors. An extensive funding allocation of $200 million has been assigned to the Critical Inputs to Clean Energy Industries (CICEI) initiative, covering the Cement, Lime, Alumina and Aluminium sectors (CLAAS). This funding is intended to bolster the resilience of these sectors within Australia, ensuring their ongoing provision of vital components for infrastructure and supply chains. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in strengthening Australia's position as a frontrunner in the realm of renewable energy.

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