Grants in WA

WA METS Innovation Program

Up to $250,000

The METS Innovation Program aims to support research initiatives spearheaded by Mining, Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) companies servicing to WA’s mining sector. With a $3 million funding allocation, the program offers a targeted grant scheme providing matched funding of up to $250,000 for qualifying grant recipients, along with project facilitation support for collaborative ventures. It focuses on advancing technologies in MRIWA’s strategic areas, including low-emissions technologies, precision and low-impact mining, critical minerals, and innovative uses of tailings and waste.

WA Clean Energy Future Fund

$100,000 - $4million

The Clean Energy Future Fund offers financial support to corporations for clean energy ventures in Western Australia. It aims to back innovative projects that yield substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and deliver community benefits or promote widespread adoption of clean energy technologies.

Industry Growth Program: Commercialisation and Growth

$100,000 - $5million

Commercialisation and Growth grants target innovative projects in the prototyping to market-readiness stages. Activities involve devising market entry strategies, speeding up growth, and expanding into national and international markets.

Industry Growth Program: Early-Stage Commercialisation

$50,000 - $250,000

Early-stage commercialisation projects encompass the entire process, starting from feasibility studies and proof-of-concept development, all the way to producing and testing early prototypes in simulated or theoretical settings. The grants support projects and business activities aimed at validating the commercial potential of your innovative products, processes, or services.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants

$10,000- $100,000

The Australian Government is calling for organizations to apply through an open competitive process for projects under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program - Small Grants Round 1. These small grants support grassroots and community-level projects aimed at assisting farmers and landholders in adopting sustainable agriculture practices and implementing practice changes. They enhance natural resource management, improve on-farm productivity, and build resilience to climate change. The grants include various projects and initiatives, facilitating information dissemination, extension activities, and the expansion of local initiatives. Both new and established climate-smart, sustainable agricultural practices are eligible for funding.

Solar Sunshot


The Solar Sunshot program aims to assist innovative manufacturing facilities in Australia operating within the solar PV supply chain. This includes polysilicon, ingot, wafer, solar PV cell, and solar module assembly production.

Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants

$100,000 - $3 million

Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants facilitate short-term research collaborations led by industry, effectively bridging the gap between researchers and industry. The initiative focuses on driving research and development efforts towards viable commercial applications.

WA Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

up to $250,000

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants program is a State Government initiative that invests in projects that contribute to economic growth and development in regional Western Australia.

Powering the Regions Fund – Safeguard Transformation Stream

$500,000 to $50 million

The Powering the Regions Fund's Safeguard Transformation Stream Round 1 grant offers up to $50 million to trade-exposed facilities, enabling them to decrease emissions and support Australia's emissions reduction goals.

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