Grants in Aerospace

Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants

$250,000 to $1 million

The Australian Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants provide funding for Australian businesses to enhance their ability to deliver products and services into domestic and international space industry supply chains, supporting Moon to Mars activities. The Australian Moon to Mars Initiative is a key component of the Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028, enabling Australian businesses and researchers to contribute to NASA's mission to return to the Moon and proceed to Mars.

NSW MVP Ventures Program

$25,000 - $200,000

NSW MVP Ventures Program is committed to supporting startups and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the product lifecycle, bridging the gap between early-stage research and mature investment opportunities. The program offers grants designed to accelerate the commercialisation of highly innovative products or processes. The Program aims to: support businesses in increasing the commercialisation of innovative products and processes in NSW, and attract and retain commercialisation activities within the state.

Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program

$5000 - $3 million

The Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program Round 10 offers funding for the enhancement of aerodromes situated in remote regions of Australia. Its primary objective is to ensure year-round, all-weather accessibility and enhance the delivery of essential goods and services, particularly in areas where road access is either absent or unreliable.

NT Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund

$25,000 - $500,000

The Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem (AME) Fund's primary objective is to enhance advanced manufacturing capabilities, stimulate investment and productivity in the Northern Territory's advanced manufacturing sector, and bolster the number of advanced manufacturing jobs within the region. This funding opportunity is specifically tailored to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises seeking to advance their capabilities in the Northern Territory. Eligible businesses can access funding support of up to 50 percent of their project costs, with grant amounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000.

VIC Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund

$250,000 - $2 million

The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund will encourage businesses in Victoria to invest in new or improved R&D infrastructure to support the expansion of Victoria’s R&D capability across important industry sectors and increase company R&D spending. The funding with grants up to 50% of project costs, ranging from $250,000 to $2 million can benefit a business, an industry, or both. However, it must demonstrate how the project will increase Victoria’s business expenditure on R&D in the medium to long term.

Future Industries Investment Program

at least 50 per cent of project cost with a minimum of $3 million

The $30 million Future Industries Investment Program is a competitive grant program that provides uncapped funding for projects with matched investments of at least 50 per cent or eligible businesses that can create at least 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in NSW.

Space Technology Seed Fund

$25,000 - $100,000

The Tasmanian Space Technology Seed Fund offers grants of between $25,000 to $100,000 to eligible businesses to support research and development projects that seek to extend, adapt or develop new products or services for the space economy. The Fund will allocate up to 50% of the eligible costs for projects of up to 18 months in duration.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

$100,000-$1 million

The $50 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is an opportunity for SME manufacturing businesses to receive funding up to $1 million.

Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants

$250,000-$1 million

Grants for Australian businesses to build capacity to deliver products and services into domestic and/or international space industry supply chains that could support Moon to Mars activities. The aim of the program is to grow Australia’s industry capability and capacity to support NASA’s Moon and Mars endeavours as well as grow skills and capacity within the Australian space industry.

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