TAS Enabling Business Grant Program

  • Grants from $2,500 to $10,000 are available for capital purchases.
  • The program runs from 29 October 2024 to 10 December 2024.

The Enabling Business Grant Program, as part of round two of the Small Business Growth Strategy Grant Program, is designed to assist Tasmanian businesses in growing, adapting, and innovating. Grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 are provided for capital purchases aligned with the business and technology themes of the Small Business Growth Strategy 2026. This strategy outlines government and private sector priorities to support small business growth in Tasmania. Capital purchases refer to business assets such as machinery, electronic payment terminals, and computers.

Key Requirements

A total of $1 million has been earmarked for this program. Eligible applicants will receive one-off grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 (inclusive of GST applicable on capital purchases).

Applicants must provide at least 30% of the total purchase cost, with a maximum purchase value of $50K, including GST.

Each applicant is allowed one application but can seek funding for multiple purchases, capped at a maximum total request between $2,500 and $10,000. The combined value of proposed purchases cannot exceed $50,000, GST included.

Upon grant application approval, 80% of the total grant amount will be disbursed. The remaining 20% will be paid upon submission and acceptance of a satisfactory acquittal.

What is eligible for funding?

Applicants have the option to nominate multiple purchases within their grant application, with a total request ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

Eligible capital purchases include various items, including:

  • Technology hardware like computers, laptops, tablets, printers (including 3D printers), drones, and smart mobile phones, when bought outright.
  • Point of sale systems, covering both hardware and associated software.
  • Video conferencing equipment, such as cameras, monitors/screens, and related software.
  • Security systems, including security cameras and associated software.
  • Small-scale manufacturing plant and processing equipment, including commissioning costs if part of the purchase.
  • Equipment purchases leading to environmental enhancements or efficiencies for the applicant’s business, such as solar panels.
  • Equipment acquisitions enabling the applicant to expand their business, like tools enhancing capacity and capability to meet growing customer demand.
  • Installation costs by a suitably qualified operator for any eligible grant expenditure, provided the relevant quote is included in the grant application.

What companies are eligible for funding?

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Be registered for tax purposes in Australia with an actively continuous Australian Business Number (ABN) on or before 29 October 2023. Exceptions may be considered, such as:
    • an applicant purchasing a business actively trading for at least 12 months before 29 October 2023.
    • an applicant changing their business structure resulting in a new active ABN issued after 29 October 2023, provided the business has operated for at least 12 months upon grant application.
  • Demonstrate an annual business sales turnover ranging from $50,000 to $10 million in either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 financial year.
  • Be a small business with no more than 19 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, operating in and located within Tasmania.
  • Be a majority-owned Tasmanian small business.
  • For sole operators without paid employees, derive at least 50% of total annual income in either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 financial year from the business, with the business’s turnover exceeding $50,000.
  • Have the necessary funds available to contribute at least 30% towards the total capital purchase cost (including GST) at the time of application.
  • Be capable of purchasing the proposed item/s within six weeks of receiving email notification from the Department of State Growth (State Growth) regarding the grant application outcome.

Is this grant competitive or entitlement based?

Competitive. Your application will be assessed among other applications by a judging panel.

How can I increase my chances of winning this grant?

By engaging an accredited government grants consultant, such as Avant Group.

Competitive grants often require significant business case development and project analysis to support the application, this may include detailed presentations supporting the project’s merit, projected sales, cost-benefit analysis and more.

As part of your engagement with Avant Group, your account manager will assess the required documents and will provide the following as needed to support your grant submission.

Grant application writeup including a detailed presentation illustrating how the grant funding will contribute to your project, how the funding will contribute to the project’s budget, a project milestone plan, delivery timeline, impact on employment if applicable and a breakdown of the management and leadership team for the project

  • Industry analysis presentation
  • Competitor Analysis Presentation
  • Marketing and Sales Analysis Presentation
  • 3-5 year Cashflow Forecast
  • 3-5 year Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Grant Funding
  • End-to-end grant application including information collating, analysis and application writing
  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) cost-benefit analysis
  • Stakeholder relations and Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Any other relevant forecasting that will support your application

How can I get help with my application? Or know if I’m likely to win funding?

Avant Group offers a no-obligation assessment of your eligibility for funding and will assess your likelihood of a successful grant application.