Queensland Destination Events Program (QDEP)

The QDEP offers two investment options for regional events:

  • Applications for Round 28 are open until 6 June 2024, with Round 29 scheduled to open in July 2024.
  • Destination event investment – single-year investment for developing events seeking growth ($10,000 – $25,000 per year)
  • Significant event investment – a single year or up to three years of investment for events that can demonstrate a strong track record of growth or growth potential ($25,000 – $100,000 per year).

To leverage the vital benefits between events and the destinations they are staged, extending the flow-on effects of the economic, marketing and social benefits of events throughout metropolitan and regional Queensland.

Within that context, the aims and objectives of the QDEP are as follows:
- Increase local economic activity advancement in the host location
- Attract outside visitors to the destination
- Motivate social and community activities outcomes for the host location recognising the crucial link between outcomes for the community and economic advantages
- Increase the visibility and appeal of the location of the host.

While each of these goals is significant, it is acknowledged that each occurrence has distinctive qualities, and hence the relative relevance of these goals will differ from one event to the next. The method to quantify and measure outcomes is critical to be tied to these goals.

Applications seeking QDEP financing that have been approved must unequivocally demonstrate:
- How QDEP funding could help additionally improving tourism outcomes to the ongoing activities of an event, and
- Plans for future expansion and the event's longevity.

Key Requirements

To be eligible for investment as a destination event through the Queensland Destination Events Program, your event must align with the key objectives outlined below. Please carefully review the following objectives to ensure that your event meets the Queensland Destination Events Program requirements.

Destination event investment

The event must occur entirely within Queensland. The applicant must effectively demonstrate the historical significance of the event in terms of audience, spectator numbers, participant numbers, and/or media profile. Additionally, the applicant must showcase the event’s potential for growth compared to the baseline.

Significant event investment

In addition to the criteria for destination event investment, events seeking significant event investment must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The event must have reached (at least) its third year.
  • The proposed event dates fall within the funding round.
  • All necessary supporting documents have been provided.
  • The event should have received a minimum of one year of destination event support and met all specified requirements in the contract.
  • Investment not exceeding 25 percent of the total event cash expense budget may be applied for.
  • The event must provide a current report that presents clear evidence of the total number of event attendees, including both participants and spectators. This report should include a detailed breakdown of the number of visitors from outside the region. This information is crucial for ensuring transparency and credibility of the event.
  • The event represents a significant opportunity for Queensland and demonstrates extensive recognition beyond the region in terms of visitation and media profile.

Those applying for Significant event investment need to fill out and send in an expression of interest form. After receiving the submission, TEQ will get in touch with applicants to talk about their expression of interest and give detailed information about how to apply for significant event investment.

What is eligible for funding?

Destination Event Funding:
  • Marketing expenses aimed at drawing visitors from outside the region
  • Development of a strategic plan
  • Hiring short-term specialized staff
  • Renting temporary infrastructure to enhance visitor experience, accessibility, sustainability, and/or promote increased tourism outcomes (infrastructure must exceed standard operations)
Significant Event Funding:
  • Flexibility within reasonable limits and with suitable justification

What companies are eligible for funding?

  • It will be held at the same location in Queensland (it has not moved).
  • My event has been around for at least two years.
  • My current event was held before submitting this application.
  • The dates of my event fall within the eligible event dates for the funding round.
  • A QDEP grant would help me enhance existing activities and drive tourism outcomes even further.
  • For example, if you’re applying for QDEP funding for your August 2024 event, you’ll need to wait until after your 2023 event has taken place before applying.

Is this grant competitive or entitlement based?

Competitive. Your application will be assessed among other applications by a judging panel.

How can I increase my chances of winning this grant?

By engaging an accredited government grants consultant, such as Avant Group.

Competitive grants often require significant business case development and project analysis to support the application, this may include detailed presentations supporting the project’s merit, projected sales, cost-benefit analysis and more.

As part of your engagement with Avant Group, your account manager will assess the required documents and will provide the following as needed to support your grant submission.

Grant application writeup including a detailed presentation illustrating how the grant funding will contribute to your project, how the funding will contribute to the project’s budget, a project milestone plan, delivery timeline, impact on employment if applicable and a breakdown of the management and leadership team for the project

  • Industry analysis presentation
  • Competitor Analysis Presentation
  • Marketing and Sales Analysis Presentation
  • 3-5 year Cashflow Forecast
  • 3-5 year Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Grant Funding
  • End-to-end grant application including information collating, analysis and application writing
  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) cost-benefit analysis
  • Stakeholder relations and Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Any other relevant forecasting that will support your application

How can I get help with my application? Or know if I’m likely to win funding?

Avant Group offers a no-obligation assessment of your eligibility for funding and will assess your likelihood of a successful grant application.