Complimentary Grant Eligibility Check

This questionnaire helps up asses the kind of grants you’ll be eligible for, as well as the kind of services we’ll be able to deliver for you. Please answer as accurately as you can, and if in doubt, give us a call.

    Are you a Startup?

    Have you incurred any Research & Development (R&D) expenses?

    Are you planning to either undertake any capital expansion activities, export and/or engage in research & development (R&D) activities?

    Have you created a unique product or service ready for commercialisation?

    Are you undertaking a project in advanced manufacturing, food and agribusiness, medical technologies/pharmaceuticals, mining, enabling technologies OR oil/gas/energy resources?

    Are you either a not-for-profit or local government entity?

    You may be eligible for government funding.

    For a complimentary assessment, contact our head office by phone or email
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    It doesn’t look like your business is eligible for government funding at this time.

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