Article by Avant Group - Avant Group’s 10th Anniversary

Avant Group’s 10th Anniversary

Posted: September 30, 2022

I am very pleased to announce that Avant Group is proudly celebrating its tenth birthday.

From a business that started as a small consultancy, over this time the company has grown to become a national firm with an expanded offering and a team of dedicated and passionate people, all with a mission to help businesses, our clients, on their growth journeys.

Our commitment to providing value-added service has allowed us to establish unique relationships with our loyal customers, who are the main reason why we have been able to continue over the years.

I would like to thank all that have been on this journey with us, we value you, we appreciate the role you play in our business, and we will always do our best and work in your interests.

We truly are blessed to do what we do.

I personally have had the privilege of working with major research programs – working alongside passionate and smart people finding cures and making the world a better place. We helped with the pandemic response and supply chain constraints; we have worked with some amazing entrepreneurs as they have evolved their businesses from loungerooms into multinationals. We have been able to deliver over $1.5 Billion in grant funding to our clients to help aid capital expansion, manufacturing investments, tourism centres, exports, employment, research programs and more. It never ceases to amaze me how innovative some businesses and their products are.

Over this time, we have also provided over $1 million in pro bono work to help not for profits invest into research programs, cancer centres, service capabilities and more.

Over the next 100 days we will be sharing 100 highlights. These are just some of the things we have been involved with, achieved, seen, enjoyed, experienced and they will provide insight into why we love doing what we do.

Our team has worked hard to achieve this, and we wouldn’t be here today without the support and dedication of our passionate team. They love doing what we do as much as I do, so thank you to you all for your support and dedication in achieving our mission and living our values.

Ten years young… and we are only just getting started.

Kate Whitehead