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You've been funded - now what?

Reporting and Compliance Management

Once you have received funding for your grant the work doesn't stop there.

There are often reporting requirements that you will need to ensure you meet to keep the payments coming in.

Our team will work with you throughout this entire process. The Avant Group will work to ensure that you maintain compliance with your grant and continue to meet the grant milestones.

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Program Management
Audit support

Funding Process


A project plan is provided highlighting the milestones and timelines you need to meet to ensure compliance with the grant requirements.

Reporting Templates

A template reporting guide is provided to you. It is easy to complete at each milestone which is then provided to the Government to meet compliance when invoicing.



A schedule of invoices for you to raise to receive your grant payments will accompany the project plan. This will ensure you get your payments on time.


Your project manager is always available to assist throughout the entire process so you can be sure not to miss receiving payments and will always meet the grant requirements.